Adding Mobile Marketing to Your Online Strategy

Monday, August 30, 2010
Just now beginning to get used to internet marketing and what that can mean to your business?  Well don't get too comfortable or think you are finally catching up with the times - because there is a new player on the scene - Mobile Marketing!

What is Mobile Marketing?
Mobile Marketing is essentially taking your online marketing and making sure that it can communicate with consumers on the move via their mobile or hand held devices - such as PDA's, smart phones or wireless internet enabled gadgets like the iTouch.
Mobile Marketing's Demographics 
According to statistics there was a 50% increase in the sales of smartphones Q2 of 2010 compared to the same time last year.  98 % of all cell phones in the US have the ability to connect to the World Wide Web.  And 68.7 million US citizens are using SMS (Short Message Service) capabilities.  They are either texting or accessing online content via the internet from their hand held devices.

Gone are the days when Blackberry's and PDA's were used just for business.  People from 15 to 70 are jumping on the bandwagon of being able to be in touch with the world 24/7 - no matter where they are.  
Who's Using Mobile Marketing?
Recent news reports state that companies like USA Today ( and are moving full steam ahead on integrating Mobile Marketing into their online marketing strategies.  Recently did research to establish just how much consumers accessing their website via mobile devices could be affecting the analytics of their website.  Just by looking at a couple of high level pages in the sales funnel they realized by building web pages that could be viewed and used easily by mobile devices they could lower their bounce rates and increase the time spent on their website.  By analyzing this information further they determined spending some of their marketing budget on making sure that the entire sales funnel, including booking options, are accessible to their mobile consumers they will be able to raise their conversion rate as well!
Are you ready to start determining how integrating mobile marketing into your Daytona Beach online marketing strategy can work for you?  Contact Sales & Marketing Technologies   TODAY to discuss how we can help you with your mobile marketing!


Mary Brautigan 8/30/2010 2:18:00 PM

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