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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is managing your web site so that it allows the search engines to accurately index the information on your site. Search Engine Optimization consists of managing the web page content, structure and other factors including links, images, code, and Meta Tags so that the search engines can read the information and present it when the matching keyword terms are searched. The manipulation of these page factors can increase your search engine rankings for your target terms. 

Here are a just a few of the items to consider when building a web site to be a success in the search engines:

Content is King

Search engines love content, especially up-to-date information. The words that you use on a page, where on the page they appear, and what tags surround them all have an impact on how search engines rank the page's relevancy for the given term.

Links In & Out

There are two types of links on a web page; links that point to pages within your website and ones that point to pages on other sites. Some might ask "Why would you link to an external page". Simple; to help the user. Search engines like to see you are offering the best possible resources for the users search. And since it is unlikely your page has all the information on a given topic, it may be necessary and helpful to link out to other resources. Internal links are also very important. A good linking structure helps search engines index your website and helps user get around. Remember to use keyword focused anchor text for your links; label them. "Click Here" or "More Info" do NOT tell the user what the link points to, so don't use them.

Images and Indexing

Images can not be read by search engines. This is why it is important to use ALT Tags (Alternative Text). These tags describe pictures to search engine spiders and also appear in the place of images if the image is not available. ALT Tags are especially important if the image is a link....again, label your links appropriately.

Coding; Less is More

Getting a little technical, aren't we? OK, just remember this; the less code on a page the better.

Meta & Title Tags

The Title tag appears in the very top "blue" bar on your browser. This tag labels the entire page. The other main Meta Tags are the keyword and description tags. These tags are used less and less by search engines for ranking purposes because they are very easily manipulated and users generally don't see them. In any case, here's the rule: Make sure all Title Tags are unique and contain the page's main term. Want another? OK, keep the Title under 7 words. One more? Make the keyword and description tags unique and relevant to the page they are on as well. 

These are but a few of the items that need to be managed as part of your SEO strategy. To find out more about how Search Engine Optimization can help your business, please fill out the contact form or call 1-800-434-0339. 

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