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Your website is your company’s image and the first impression many of your customers have.  Your website can either make this a positive or negative experience.  That’s why any business who truly wants to make it in today’s environment needs a professional web design.

With a custom web design is you can have your website be everything that you envision.  If you are looking for a Daytona Beach web design company, then  Sales and Marketing Technologies is here to help.  We understand that your website is a reflection of your company and that is why we create a custom web design that takes into account your ideas along with search engine friendliness, conversions, and functionality.

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Web Design Affects Search Engine Rankings

Having incorrectly or poorly written code can really affect your search engine rankings.  The search engines use programs called spiders that crawl through the internet looking for information to rank on their sites and if they can’t read through the code they can’t rank your site. SMT’s web designers and programmers know how to correctly write search engine friendly code that works with the search engines proprietary algorithms instead of against them.  Our code invites the search engines and their spiders in and allows them easy movement to help your site rank.

Web Designs that Convert Visitors to Sales

Your website is there to help bring your company conversions.  What you consider a conversion changes from business to business and our designers know how to drive those conversion; anything from attracting visitors to purchase your product or service, request more information, or even just fill out a contact form.

SMT will design your website to “lead” that visitor to the desired outcome, a conversion.  SMT has the experience and expertise in creating not only custom website designs that are visually appealing but that turn visitors into conversions.

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